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Tailgating Recipes to Die For

Tailgating Recipes to Die For

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Make these delicious dishes for this weekend’s tailgate

Amp up your tailgate with these tasty recipes!

To football fans, fall football Sundays (and Saturdays, for college fans) have a certain "taste" about them. For some they are full of ooey, gooey, cheesy dips and for others they are packed with spicy wings or barbecued delights. But keeping it fresh on and off the field each week can be a huge hassle.

Enter Jane Delaney, tailgate enthusiast, mom, and eMeals founder extraordinaire. For those that aren’t familiar with eMeals, this innovative online tool helps busy, frustrated parents (and by extension, at-home chefs) make mealtime easier. Parents log onto the site and choose a "meal plan" style that fits their family’s tastes and even coincides with their favorite local groceries. Every week, a plan is then sent to their inbox with recipes that are quick, easy, and savory, with ideas for both entrées and sides. The plan even comes with a fully loaded shopping list and deals so you can grab necessary ingredients and go!

In the spirit of her eMeals style, Delaney shared with us some fun, festive, and simple recipes for an easy tailgating Sunday that will be a touchdown with the whole family.


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