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Snails with cherries

Snails with cherries

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It is important to use all the ingredients at room temperature, in no case cold. The tray in which we bake them should also not be cold.

In a large bowl put sifted flour, eggs, sugar, soft butter, vanilla and yeast dissolved in warm milk. Knead a suitable dough and leave it to rise.

We divide it in two or four as we see fit.

We spread a sheet 0.5 cm thick and 20 cm wide. Grease it with soft butter and sprinkle with sugar. Sprinkle the cherries, roll tightly and cut the roll into 3 cm slices.

Place the snails in the pan and leave them to rise for 20 minutes, grease them with egg and milk, sprinkle with sugar and put them in the preheated oven.

When we take them out of the oven, we immediately cover them with a clean towel well watered with cold water and squeezed.

We leave them like this until they cool down. This way they will have a soft shell. We can do the same for cakes.

Bake snails with cheese

Bake at 170 ° for 40 minutes. After 30 minutes, when the snails are almost ready, lightly browned, brush quickly with a syrup made of hot milk and sugar. This syrup will be absorbed by the hot snails and will make them creamy and tasty!

Put the tray back in the oven for the last 10 minutes, until it is completely cooked. They must be well browned and the dough must be baked inside as well.


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I'm ready! The snails with cheese are removed from the tray (including the baking paper) and left to cool and air.

They are very tasty warm (not hot!) Or cold, next to a cup of milk or tea or as a snack or package at school or kindergarten.

Store well for a few days wrapped in baking paper and a cloth towel. They will not dry out because the core is juicy and tender, soaked in hot milk syrup with sugar. They are delicious!

If you are a fan of snails, I also recommend the recipe for Wasp's Nest with Caramel & # 8211 see here.

Or the recipe for fluffy snail dough with yogurt filled with jam & # 8211 see here.

Cherry and cocoa cake. Delicious desert

Cherry and cocoa cake, an absolutely delicious dessert, easy to prepare and very good looking.

A harmony of tastes and colors that delights both the taste buds and the eyes.

I received cherries some time ago and, after eating my fill, I froze some.

Over the weekend I caught a glimpse of them and thought I should use them in a dessert.

I did cherry and cocoa cake,a recipe simple, summer, very easy to prepare.

It goes very well with cherries instead of cherries. But cherries have a different taste and a special aroma, the greatest cakes are those with cherries. And if they have a little more chocolate, the delight is maximum.

Also from the category of summer desserts with fruit, I also recommend:

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Poppy and cherry tart

This tart with poppy seeds and cherries, tasty and very easy to make, has been planned for some time, but we kept postponing it, but today we satisfied our cravings.

It is made so quickly and easily that even the most clumsy person in the kitchen would be able to do it without any problem, all they have to do is follow the exact quantities and the way of preparation step by step.

Honestly, when I was a child I didn't like poppies of any color, but now I can say that it has become one of my favorite ingredients. And in combination with cherries it is elevated to the degree of spectacle of the taste buds.

Stay tuned for the list of ingredients, but also for the simple way of preparation.

For other special cakes and pies, also recipes explained step by step can be found here in the dessert section or click on the photo.

Or on the Facebook page, click on the photo.

Tart ingredients:

  • 300 g white flour type 00
  • 220 g butter with at least 80% fat
  • A dustiness jumps
  • 100 g of caster sugar

Ingredients for poppy seed filling:

  • 1 l milk with 3.5% fat
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 100 g of wheat semolina
  • 20 g food starch
  • 250 g mac
  • Grated peel of a lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 400 g fresh or frozen cherries
  • 1 whole egg

How to prepare the tart:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

We put the flour with the butter and the salt powder in a bowl and with the help of a food processor we knead by pulsation until we obtain a mixture similar to sand.

Add the caster sugar and add it.

Put 3/4 of the total amount of dough in a tray 26 cm in diameter and line the bottom and edges with a height of 5 cm. Press well and let cool.

Preparation for poppy cream:

Drain the cherries for at least 30 minutes.

Put the lemon on a small grater.

In a bowl, mix the semolina with starch, egg and 150 ml of the total amount of milk.

Put the rest of the milk in a saucepan together with the sugar, salt powder, vanilla extract and boil it. When it reaches the boiling point, reduce the heat and pour the semolina composition with starch and egg into a thin wire. Stir in one until boiling and thicken.

Add the ground poppy seeds, lemon peel, cinnamon

Add the cherries, mix lightly.

Pour the poppy composition in the pan, sprinkle the difference in dough and bake for 45-50 minutes.

After the baking time has elapsed, take it out on a grill and let it reach room temperature. Simple, tasty and cold, not very good-looking, but from here I can only wish you good luck and good appetite!

Split the vanilla bean and remove the beans with the tip of a knife (see HERE how to proceed)
In a bowl, mix eggs with yogurt, sugar, vanilla beans, semolina and salt.

Take half of the pie sheets and put one in the tray. Grease each sheet with oil. Optionally, you can sprinkle sugar.

Pour the yogurt composition.

Put the rest of the pie sheets, each greased with oil. Grease the last sheet with oil and sprinkle with sugar.

Put the tray in the preheated oven and keep it for 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees or until it starts to brown.

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