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Pear jam

Pear jam

I peeled and seeded, and cut the pears into suitable pieces. In a bowl I put alternating pieces of pears - which I sprinkled with lemon juice, then sugar, and so on until I finished the pears. I put sugar on top and left it until the next day. In a bowl with a double bottom, or tuci - my version, I put the pears together with the syrup they left, I added another 300 ml of water, the rest of the sugar and I let it boil for about 30 minutes. After this period I put the brandy (I stole the idea from Gaby: - ​​*) and the lemon slices and I left for another 10 minutes. After 40 minutes my jam was ready. I did the test by punching a few drops in a plate, then I put the plate in the freezer. The drops of jam were very well bound.

I put the hot jam in 3 sterilized jars, which I sealed and left in a blanket until the next day, then I placed them in the pantry.

UPDATE: the idea with the brandy belongs to Any and not Gaby :) Sorry for the confusion

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